Orientation & Adjustment to Disability: Adjusting to living and working with a disability, enhancing the likelihood of achieving long-term success in employment.
• Assisting the VR Client in understanding their disability in the context of their future employment
• Learn alternative or compensatory strategies to complete activities that will enhance success in employment
• Self-advocacy in order to maintain personal rights and obtain the services to which they are entitled. Assistance may take the form of training in specific skills, providing encouragement and motivation to those needing it, or providing information and resources
Orientation & Mobility Training: Empower a VR Client to safely navigate through one or more identified environments.
• Training in techniques for safe transfer and travel & safely navigating streets
• Instruction in communication skills and strategies for mobility-related contact with the public & how to follow directions in order to reach a specific location
• Training in the use of public transportation and knowledge of routes and stops
Manual Adaptive Communication Training Services – Assist VR Clients with hearing loss in acquiring vocabulary skills necessary to participate in Vocational Rehabilitation services.
• American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary, including signs as required for assessment and employment purposes
• How signs are formed including handshape, position, orientation, and movement production characteristics of signs
• Grammatical elements important to sign language communication