This service includes tutoring and remedial instruction in the core academic areas which may include, but are not limited to, the following: GED testing, college level courses, reading/language arts, English, math, science, arts, history, geography, CNA state testing, cosmetology state testing, ASVAB, Paper writing formats- APA, MLA, Pharmacy Tech, and more. Elite Community Services provides one-on-one tutoring to achieve successful results.
Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS):
This service is provided to any youth with a disability, in an education program, between the ages of 14 to 22 years old. The services are presented in workshops, but if needed, could be presented 1:1, given a student’s specific disability related need. The student can be a current Vocational Rehabilitation client, or could be potentially eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services. Workshops would primarily be scheduled on campus, at one of our local ECS offices, and/or in the community. The workshops offered are: Job Exploration, Work Readiness skills training, Counseling on Post-Secondary Education, Instruction in Self-Advocacy, & Work Based Learning Experiences.
Job Development and Retention:
Elite Community Services, LLC (ECS) shall provide training and direct assistance in developing job search/seeking skills(i.e. resume writing, job interviewing, completion of a job application), researching and finding potential jobs as to the clients’ skills and capabilities, employer expectations, assist the client in securing a job, making contacts with the employer, “carving out” a modified position, provide job site analysis, job coaching, develop natural supports, and other follow up services on-site and/or off-site support to ensure the client’s successful employment retention .
Work Adjustment Training / Trial Work Experience:
This service is used to provide job readiness training to prepare a client for the world of work. Provide facility based or community based short term job tryouts paid or unpaid in a work environment similar to the clients’ vocational goal. This service may include developing appropriate work behaviors, punctuality, appropriate dress and grooming, increase productivity, developing skills and experience, accepting direction and supervision, understanding and following through on assignments, and developing work tolerance and stamina.
Job Training – Clerical Technology:
This is a training program for clients wanting to enter the clerical field and obtain skills with data entry, filing, general office work, use of office computer applications, and database maintenance. ECS has a computer training course that covers Desktop Basics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Quicken, Quick books and the use of the internet and emailing.
Extended Supported Employment:
Long term, on -going services for an employed individual. ECS shall assist with job coaching, job monitoring, identifying in-going employment support needs, develop natural supports, and evaluate potential for progressive move to competitive employment without supports.
Rehabilitation Instructional Services:
Orientation and Mobility, Adjustment to a Disability, & Adaptive Communication Skills Training.
Career Exploration:
This service consists of exposure to essential facets of the workplace and information concerning various career areas. This may be done by assisting the client with organizing their career exploration processes and activities, development of self-assessment, guidance through available employment networks, and provision of information about various industries and occupations.
Supported Education:
This service is instructional activities that prepare a client for the education or training necessary to successfully achieve employment in their chosen field. This may be done through identifying education and/or training requirements, utilizing education resources, identifying education costs, exploring and finding financial aid resources or options, and assisting the client in registering for selected education/vocational training programs.
ISE (Individualized Supported Employment) – DDD Service:
Once the member has successfully closed with VR – the member will move into long term job coaching through DDD. This service involves job coaching, developing natural supports, and contact with the member’s employer. The client will stay in ISE for one year and then move into ESA services.
ESA (Employment Support Aid) – DDD Service:
This service is normally a once a week or bi-monthly contact to monitor the member at work making sure no problems have arisen, changes in schedule, and making contact with the employer as to the member’s work performance.
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