Habilitation services are provided in the consumer’s home or out in the community.
There are specific teaching strategies and objectives developed for each consumer based on the Individual Support Plan. The goals of this service are to enable individuals to acquire knowledge and skills, increase or maintain self-sufficiency, provide training/assistance in essential activities required to meet personal and physical needs, maintain health and safety, and provide services in a manner that supports and enhances independence, self-esteem, mutual respect, value and dignity.
Respite services are provided in the consumer’s home, in the community, or at the certified home of a provider. This service provides short-term care and supervision to relieve the primary caregiver in accordance with the consumer’s Individual Support Plan.
Attendant Care:
Attendant Care services are designed to assist a consumer to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living. The goal of this service is to assist the consumer to remain in his/her home or participate in community activities as per the Individual Support Plan and Attendant Care Agreement.
Housekeeping services are provided to assist in the performance of activities related to routine household maintenance at the consumer’s home. The goal is to increase or maintain a safe, sanitary, and/or healthy environment for the consumer.
Employment Support:
Individualized Supported Employment (ISE): Job search, job placement, and job coaching for a one-year term. Then the consumer moves into ESA services. Employment Support Aide (ESA): Long term supports monitoring the consumer at the work site.
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