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Skill Building for the ISP Process & Habilitation
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Article 9
DCW (Direct Care Worker)
Level 1: Fundamentals
  Level 2: DD

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Meet Our Training Specialists!

Ashley Huff – “I am a proud wife and a mother to 3 beautiful children, my family is my everything. When I am not working you will usually find me at a PTO meeting, more than likely organizing an event, I am passionate about education and I love being involved in my children’s school! I enjoy being out in my community and helping others in any way that I can, especially when it comes to helping others advocate for their children with disabilities. I started my journey with individuals with disabilities 10 years ago when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, I did everything I could to educate myself and help her succeed. I became a stay-at-home mother to ensure that she got early intervention and got the therapies she needed, she is now 12 and has overcome so much and is thriving. I became passionate about helping other parents because I have felt the way most do when they find out their child has a disability; lost, scared, and helpless. I am passionate about the work I do at Elite Community Services because I get to be an advocate, a job coach, a cheerleader, and so much more every single day. No matter what my week throws at me I can assure you I have a positive outcome somewhere during my week and that to me makes everything worth it.
Yavapai County
Email: Yavapai@ecsaz.org
Office: 928.583.9494
Cell: 928.607.0047

Emmanuel Ibarra – “One of my passions is that I love to help people! That is why I became a caregiver back in 2019 because I wanted to help people try to live the best quality of life they possibly can. The person I used to work the most with was my younger brother. I worked with him to make sure that I supported him as best as I could, not only as a provider but also as an older brother. That is the reason why I decided to become a trainer. I want to teach every new and current caregiver, whether they’re just starting or have had this career for a long time, the correct way on how to support someone with a disability.
Pima County | Santa Cruz County | Maricopa County | Pinal County | Coconino County | Yuma County
Email: ECSTraining@ecsaz.org
Office: 520.624.7336

Jessica Lizarraga – “I’m native of Tucson Arizona who is an active bilingual Trainer at Elite Community Service with 13 years of experience. Going above and beyond to achieve success, independence and enhance quality of life for children and adults with disabilities has been my hands on experience. My dedication, passion and work ethic at Elite Community Services is to support and bring awareness to those joining our community, to re-enforce all training and make a better community is the motivational goal.
Pima County | Santa Cruz County
Email: HCBSTucson@ecsaz.org
Office: 520.624.7336
Cell: 520.488.4255

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